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About Us!

Go Leather™ is a direct importer of leather and motorcycle goods. We sell American made products as well, and those products will state that in their product descriptions.  Directly importing our products allows us to cut out the middle-man and therefore we can offer our products at very competitive pricing thus saving our customers money. 

There are various types of leather and it can be difficult to purchase leather products online simply by looking at pictures on the internet. To make things even more confusing, many sites will use misleading terms to describe their leather products. i.e., Many sites will use terms such as "top grain leather" to describe a split skin cowhide product (split skin is actually one of the lowest quality leathers).  

Go Leather™ wants to make sure customers know exactly what they are about to purchase, therefore we have created a 'Leather Grading System' and have given all of our leather products a "Go Leather Grade™". We have a webpage that details the differences between the leather grades and customers can choose a product depending on their needs. For example, we have some popular vests that are made with two variations of leather; This is so the customer can make their own choice:  They can choose the higher quality leather or they can opt to save money by purchasing the vest with the lower quality leather. Both vests will look alike, the difference being the type of leather used to make the vest. We believe that our Leather Grading System is a valuable tool especially since more and more people are shopping online.

Our mission at Go Leather™ is to provide our customers with quality leather products at greatly discounted prices. This is made possible because we directly import many of our goods and therefore cut out the middle-man.


Go Leather™ is a leader in online motorcycle goods and we are expanding to sell all things leather. Check back frequently to see new products, deals, and savings!